Daniel Miremont – President Of Compliance EnviroSystems LLC

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Compliance EnviroSystems LLC, or CES, is an environment assessment and sewer maintenance and evaluation company providing services to companies and organizations in any industry. Unfortunately, due to aging and general wear and tear as well as more specific problems, the sewer and drainage systems we use and rely on are becoming more prone to a wide variety of problems including overflows, collapses, and leaks. Not only can these lead to environmental fines and even liability issues but left unchecked they can continue to worsen all the time costing your business considerable money.

The services offered by CES backed by a knowledgeable and skilled team headed by president Daniel Miremont, aim to prevent or remedy all of these potential problems. Wastewater specialists and highly trained engineers can identify existing and potential problems while assisting in repairs or helping to prevent any major issues from occurring. Through Daniel Miremont, the company has a proven leader that has ably dealt with matters of quality control while liaising with clients and driving the company forward.

Prior to his time with CES, Daniel Miremont served as superintendent with a large Baton Rouge contracting company. In this role, he oversaw in excess of $30 million worth of large contracting projects ensuring timely and productive completion of each project. As well as his role as president of Compliance EnviroSystems LLC, Daniel Miremont also works in a number of roles with various organizations to further improve the services and service level that CES offers all of its clients.

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